We ban users using this system.Here's how it works:

  • 1st Violation:Reminder.

A message will be sent saying your violation and you will be asked to read the rules.

  • 2nd Violation:1 Day Ban

You will be given a 24 hour ban.You may not edit while the period.

  • 3rd Violation:3 Day Ban

You will be banned for 3 days.Think what you do next time,the ban will be much more stronger.

  • 4th Violation:7 Day Ban

You are banned for 7 days.REALLY think this time,the next ban is permanet removal from the wiki!

  • 5th Violation:Removal

Your account has been banned forever and you may not edit and you are not welcome on Toadpedia.You already had 4 chances,so we will not unban you.

  • Alternate Account Violation:IP Ban

You will not get away now.Your IP has been banned and you are blocked from creating accounts and editing the wiki.All IPs you used will be banned.

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