1. No rude behavior.
  2. No spamming.You can post every 7 seconds.
  3. No wars.
  4. No drama.
  5. No dating.If we catch you dating you will be in BIG trouble.
  6. You must have at least 20 edits to go on chat.WE DON'T WANT NEW USERS ON CHAT BREAKING RULES!
  7. Think before you type.
  8. If we ban you,there is a reason.If not, report to Alex Kurowski(AK777).
  9. Report chat violaters by sending message to Alex Kurowski or send an email to
  10. Continue chatting and have fun,not a bad time!


You get strikes for breaking chat rules.

  • Strike 1:2 Day Ban
  • Strike 2:1 Week Ban
  • Strike 3:Half Month ban
  • Strike 4:Month Ban
  • Strike 5:Permanetly banned from chat.